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This is a care guide I made up. Don't doubt it, I may not have a ball python YET but I have studied them alot!

As babies ball pythons should be housed in a 20 gallon. Once they are about 2 and a half feet they should go in a 30 gallon or better yet a 40. Mke sure it has a reptile lid or buy some reptile locks. Snakes are great escape artists.
The best types for a ball pythons would be reptile carpet,newspaper,aspen shavings, or orchird bark. Newspaper is the cheapest way, but not attractive.
Orchird bark is attractive, and it holds in humidity. DO NOT USE CEDER SHAVINGS!!!! IT COULD KILL YOUR SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make sure you have a hidebox like a half log, a tree stump, a rock cave or enything else. Upside down flower pots work great. Make sure the hidebox isn't TO small or to big. You can also use fake plants(live plants would get trampled). Also include a water bowl. Make sure the water bowl is big enough for the snake to emurge itself in.
Humidity: It should be kept 60%. At a local K mart or wal mart, go to the garden section and get a hydrometer. They help you see what the humidity is like. You should spray daily with a water bottle. When a ball python is about to shed, a humid hide would help. You can make this by getting a small rubbermaid container and cutting a hole big enough for your snake to get in it, and fill it with moss you can buy at a petstore or reptile store, and put the moss in the rubbermaid and make the moss moist.
In the basking area, it should be ~90F and in the colder area it should be about ~80-~85F. . You should use a heat pad or those blue or red lights since ultra voilet lights are no need since your snake is nocturnal.
As babies they should be fed fuzzie mice or rat pups. The bigger the snake gets the bigger the food should get! TRY to feed prekilled or f/t since live mice/small rats can harm your snake by biting it or scratching it.
Ball pythons make great pets! Males will only get up to mabye 3 or 4 feet and female will get up to 6 feet tops. Females are usually 5 feet though...When a ball python is scared it will coil up into a ball rather then biting. Thats why the are called "ball" pythons. Overole they make AWSOME pets!!!! Thats why I am getting one!

Email me if you still have any questions!

Have fun!