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This is all about inuyasha!

Music from Gpetz.com

Which InuYasha Character are you most like? by Deji-chan

Inuyasha, a part demon, wants to become a full demon. He went after the “Shikon jewel ”, that was held by Kikyo. Kikyo stopped Inu Yasha and died in the process. In present day Tokyo 1997 the “Shikon Jewel” was given to Kagome, the personage of Kikyo reborn. Kagome falls/is pulled into the well where she meets Inu Yasha, Kikyo younger sister, and her destiny in the past…

This is sesshomaru. He is my fav charictar.

This is sesshomaro in his demon form! This pic is cool!

Here is inuyasha eating umm...rice..or somthin? He is really cool!

Have fun!